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Your Candidate

        It is my honor and privilege to serve as your candidate for Georgia House of Representatives - District 106. Our district wants me to Improve the Economy, Strengthen our Laws against crime, and Bring Safe Schools Programs to all of Georgia and I commit to doing just that. I view myself as a member of our district, and as your Representative, I will be your public servant without an agenda of my own. My commitment to our district is that I will hear every person and respond to every message. I further commit to fairly and transparently represent the values of our district at the State House and to be directly accountable to you. You are fantastic and I look forward to representing you at the Georgia General Assembly.

Very Truly Yours,

-Preston Wren


From a young age, Preston Wren has inspired others to cherish the truth, fight for what's right, and stand up to bullies. At 15, Preston had political opinion letters published in his local hometown paper. At 19, he volunteered for a two year mission for his church where he sacrificed daily for the needs of others. He now serves our community and brings people together to solve important issues. Here are some of Preston's other achievements...

-Bachelor's in Criminal Justice Administration

-Decade in Law Enforcement

-IACP Master Marksman Award

-Honorably Discharged NCO U.S. Navy

-Team Leader

-Physical Security Analyst

-Service Leader

-Podcast Host


-Dedicated Husband

-Father of Five

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