Your Candidate

Ladies and Gentlemen of Snellville, Georgia and surrounding areas,

          It is my honor to serve as your Republican candidate for Georgia House, Representative - District 106. As your candidate, I stand for Election Integrity, Parent's Rights, Children's Rights, Informed Consent, Safe Communities, and Low Taxes. I vow to do everything in my capacity to solve the unaffordable housing crisis in our communities and to support community policing partnerships and law enforcement reform for a safer Georgia. You are fantastic and I look forward to representing you at the Georgia General Assembly. 

Very Truly Yours,

-Preston Wren


Preston Wren was born in Texas, raised in South Carolina, and has made Georgia his family's permanent home. From a young age he's been inspired to cherish the truth, fight for what's right, and stand up to bullies. At 15, his hometown newspaper published a letter he wrote where he denounced the confederate flag on top of the South Carolina statehouse and demanded its removal, and a short time later it was. At 19, he volunteered for a two year mission for his church where he sacrificed daily for the needs of others. Here are some of his achievements...

-Bachelor's in Criminal Justice Administration

-Decade in Law Enforcement

-IACP Master Marksman Award

-Honorably Discharged NCO U.S. Navy

-Team Leader

-Physical Security Analyst

-Service Leader

-Podcast Host


-Dedicated Husband

-Father of Five