Parent's Rights

Updated: Sep 10

Parents in District 106 have expressed their concerns, and believe they have the exclusive right to teach, love, and discipline their children.

Obscene Material in Schools:

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor bills that will assist parents in further eliminating or reducing obscene materials in schools and hold school administrators accountable for obscene or gross content in school libraries and classrooms.

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor bills that will strengthen the penalties for sexual assault against children committed by teachers or by school administrative personnel.

Right to discipline:

-I will introduce a resolution that Georgia recognizes a parent’s fundamental right to discipline their children so long as the discipline does not rise to the level of abuse or neglect, or endanger the life of the child.

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor a bill that will remove authority from school administrators to physically discipline a child through corporal punishment or by detainment. Exception to detainment will only be in cases where the child’s actions are a direct and articulable threat to the safety and well-being of their self or others.

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