Public Safety

Updated: Sep 10

District 106 wants safe neighborhoods, better training for law enforcement, and community policing partnership programs.

Safe Neighborhoods:

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor a bill that will provide tax incentives and tax breaks for Home Owner Associations (HOA’s), Apartment Complexes, Strip Malls, Shopping Malls, Large and Small Businesses, and Schools to use License Plate Reading Cameras (like FLOCK cameras) and shot spotter devices at all entrances and exits to their property to assist law enforcement in their investigative efforts.

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor a bill that will provide tax incentives for HOA’s and large Apartment Complexes to establish neighborhood watch programs that will meet regularly and maintain a liaison with the local police department for community policing efforts. I generally encourage people to get to know their local police officers and sheriff’s deputies, and to support them and let them know what problems are being witnessed in their community.

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor a bill that will provide tax incentives for businesses to install security systems.

Safe Roads:

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor bills that will strengthen the amount of fines for traffic violations and shift Georgia to imposing percentage fines based on the approximate value of the vehicle(s) involved in traffic violations rather than a flat fine.

-I will introduce a bill that requires auto manufacturers to install front and rear cameras in all new vehicles for the purpose of recording vehicle collisions.

LE Training:

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor bills that will increase the training requirements for all POST Certified law enforcement officers in the State of Georgia, especially emphasizing areas of legal consequences and arrest and control tactics.

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor a bill that establishes a singular centralized world class State law enforcement training facility for basic and advanced training for all law enforcement officers in order to systematize and improve the quality training for all Georgia law enforcement professionals.

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor bills that will provide incentives for retention of law enforcement professionals including improving retirement systems, college tuition assistance, bonuses for completing higher education and training programs, and state approved cost of living assistance.

Constitutional Carry:

-I am in total support of the new law for concealed carry without a license as we have a right to bear arms and an inherent right to self-defense/self-preservation. Protecting yourself is not a privilege to be regulated by the State. I recommend anyone that is going to lawfully carry a firearm for self-defense get appropriate safety training and also consider purchasing firearms carry insurance. Firearms in the hands of responsible gun owners and law abiding citizens deters crime.

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