School Safety

The Parents of District 106 want our schools to be safe for all children in our communities, and I commit to ensuring that our schools are free from crime and drugs.

School Safety

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor a bill that will require all schools in Georgia that receive state funding to undergo an annual physical security assessment to evaluate responses to active shooter or bomb threat situations.

- I will sponsor or co-sponsor a bill so that no less than one school resource officer is assigned to each public school during normal school operating hours. The bill will also provide school funding incentives for implementing a “Get to know SRO” program to build and foster relationship with school resource officers.

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor a bill that will require a civics class for all 1st semester high school freshmen that will focus on societal norms, appropriately acting on those norms, and the consequences for breaking the law.

-I will sponsor or co-sponsor a bill to strengthen laws against bullying and stalking and harassment for students at public schools to include consequences such as community service and fines for students enrolled in high school. School administrators will be required to consider suspending or expelling students that are reported to be bullying / stalking or harassing only after receiving a report from the victim’s parents/guardians and receiving a recommendation from the assigned School Resource Officer after completing an investigation.

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